Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Targets and Achievement in 2014

In a New Year, hope that a new improvement and some achievement can be achieve by both of us… the first race that we joined in 2014 is MPIB Run, XX run 12km and me 7km. Luckily I choose the right categorize as the distance and competitors not so strong…12km women open are very competitive and not easy to beat down. There is some conflict when XX run 12k where they run the wrong route luckily they able to track back the result and XX get 4th placing and me also same with him. The day before race, I think i have food poisoning with cirit-birit and vomit, very suffering..I thought I unable to run luckily my condition recover quite fast...

After a long rest of CNY, we joined SMK TTJ Charity Run at Seremban. Although this is a small event and mostly is student, but we can see that there still have Kenyans join this run too and my competitor for PUMA challenge also joining. As I told myself will not give up easily to beat down  them, although the process of the run are quite difficult and I’m able to beat down them and feel happy with my achievement. The route for this race is 10km with a lot of hills, quite a challenge for me…I managed to get 2nd placing with 53min39sec and the 1st placing is Kenyan girl. XX also managed to get 5th placing with his category are quite competitive and have 3 Kenyans and country representative also joining. 

With the hot and not raining session, Malaysia are having haze problem. Malaysia Women Marathon held at Shah Alam also having a problem of haze and air pollution issue almost cause the event postponed. But the organizer decided run the event and become to non-competitor run. Since the event changed to non-competitor, XX decided run together with me as a warm-up and training session. But the arrangement for the route and direction for this race are very bad, although this is not the competition and we run leisurely but we almost get lost. We ran for almost 1hour and very frustrated with their arrangement. I think I will not join this race for this coming year…very bad!!

The 3rd race that we joined is Thirsty Water Run together with my passionate colleague, Eric. In this race, I met again with one of my competitor in PUMA challenge. I’m feel sad for my result and I beat down by her…I get 3rd placing with 31min27sec and XX get 2nd placing with 25min20sec. Maybe this time I put myself too high and didn’t train hard…very sad!!! After heard some advice from my lovely coach, I decided to train harder and do not look down anyone of the competitor so easily. Hope that we can meet again in the next race….The prizes for this race are quite worth, as they get sponsored by Tupperware and quite a lot of free gift and contest from them…  

This year, we decided to join some race that we never join before. One of the races is Kenaboi Adventure Race which is mix category. Actually, I feel quite scare as I never join the race like this before and this is my first time partner with XX. I know that some argument might happen between us. From this race, we learned that we need to support and encourage each other from time to time. Wow, this race really full of challenges…on the half way, I already wanted to give up as my energy and mental really exhausted on that time. Luckily, XX encourage me all the time and support me. Sometime, I felt so sorry to my partner as I made our team out of top10 position. But this is a very good experience to both of us and we never experiences before and I already scare with this kind of race which we need to run 22km with a lot of obstacles and challenges even need to go inside the jungle, cross over the yellow mud and caving. Because of the whole day raining, our plan to play water tubing had to cancel and makes us have regret for this race. Finally, we completed the race in 20th placing with 3hrs 35min…Wah, wat a tired day for us….>~<

Maybe the day before the Kenaboi Adventure Race, we joined the Kenaboi Trail Fun Run n which they said is around 10km but actually we found out that there is about 14km. Wow, my energy almost exhausted because of this trail run but I quite enjoy it...At first, just XX plan to join this trail run but after persuaded by XX, I decided to join too as we saw that the next day race also get a lot of strong  competitors and maybe this time is a chance of us too...Finally, I get 1st placing with just have around 6-7 women only but for XX’s category there are alots of army and army’s student join too, quite challenge and difficult for him to beat down them and finally he get 7th placing where there are 90% is trail and 10% is normal road. Quite a scary route where mostly I run alone inside the jungle with less of marshal and less of direction guide.  Seem like they still need some improvement on their arrangement and more marshal. Overall, quite a good race in a peace small town…^-^

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Last Update in 2013

Quiet a long time didn’t update my blog, let’s recall back what’s the race that we have joined in November and December 2013.

On the 1st week of Dec, we joined a 10km race at Rasah Kemayan, Seremban. XX and I decided to rent a room at budget hotel so that we can have enough time to sleep and have a good preparation before race. Unfortunately, the condition of the room are totally very bad…No window, smell bad, smelly and poor looking bed sheet. Some more, there also have mosquito and flea…Make us cannot have a nice sleep before race. Haizzz…We thought that the small race and away from city will not have any strong competitor. Mana tau, when we reached there and found that quite lot of Kenya too…The prices for this race also until Top5 and there also have 5 of them to men open and 5 of them is women open. OMG….XX and me already frustrated and hold no hope for top5. But we also try our best to run for it…Finally, XX get 7th placing and me get 6th placing…Oh, we already know that we cannot beat the Kenyans…Overall, is a good race to join, small event but the registration quite expensive and we get nothing. After eaten our breakfast and walkaround Seremban, we went back to GHR.

 GM Klang Run for It 7 is also one of our hopes to achieve some result…This time, they have half marathon and 10km categorize and we joined 10km as usual. When we reached there, half marathon already started their run…This event quite happening as mostly the runners are Chinese and on that time there also have GM Warehouse Sales…I’m quite satisfied of my achievement for this time as my time is 50min24sec in 1st placing and XX pula get 2nd placing with 39min27sec. After race, we go enjoy our Bak Kut Teh and walk around at Aeon Klang.

In the conjunction of Bangi Carnival, they organized the Bangi Fun Run which is only run 3.5km. I felt quite nervous for this race as I didn’t know how fast and how much energy that I need to use for this race. If too fast, will have no more energy to continue, if too slow sure cut by others. After consulted XX coach, I did follow wat he taught and try to follow others who is almost same speed with me. This time, we met up with some competitor again and quite difficult to beat them. But we also try our best to complete our run and I get 1st placing with around 14min and XX get 2nd placing with 12min30sec. Wat a lucky day for me as I also get a lucky draw, Hamper…Hahaha… 

The last race that we joined in 2013 is Newton Challenge 2013 which has 25km and 15km at Puchong. We joined 15km, quite a challenge for me as quite a long time didn’t run long distance and need to out some time effort to train more. Maybe at first I ran too fast and during the all the way, I almost buncit and no more energy to run faster…the route also quite a challenge for me as there have a lots of hills. I also managed to completed in 1hr20min53sec with 6th placing and XX get 5th placing with 1hr10min . Although this race quite challenged but I also managed by beat down one of the strong competitor. In this race, we also meet up back with XX’s kakithon geng andhave an opportunity to have breakfast and chit chat together…

The event that I felt most excited is able to get in and participate to Mountain Dew 2013 Challenge. At first, I just try my luck to participate because last year saw XX joined quite challenges and I think I’m not able to get into next round. Mana tau, I able to get into Top20 and also have a chance to go around by take flight, bus, ferry in 1 day…Quite a good n unforgettable experiences for me. I also get a chance to know a lot of friends from others place who is very friendly, helpful and also will give us tips to overcome the challenge. Hope that, we can meet up again in this year’s challenge and able to join together with XX. The prizes for this challenge are plenty and worth to join too…^-^

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with my achievement in year 2013 and can said improved a lots….hehehe. As usual, need to thanks my lovely coach who always care about me, teach me, consult me whenever I facing some challenges and issues. TQ…^.^

Friday, 22 November 2013

Train Hard, Run Harder...^-^

Oh…quite a long time didn’t update my running blog… The 1st race that we joined after Raya Holiday is Shape Run...I felt quite stressful to run this race, I think it’s because last time I didn’t perform well and my time was very bad…Although we have enough training time and I felt more confident joh but I just  managed to get 15th places with 1hr 02min 34sec…improved quite lot compared with last year 1 hr 25 min something!! This race successful attracted a lot of strong flers to join bcz of their attractive prizes!!! XX also get the same placing with me…hahahaha…15th!!! The next day, we went to Penang to attend my bro's wedding...

The embarrassing  thing that happen to this race is I dun know why my stomach felt uncomfortable all the way from half way to the finishing and finally I vomit out the chocolate that I eaten before the race start!!! OMG…my colleagues also joining us to run this race where they are Kate, Rae n Eric…

The 2nd race that we joined in Sept is Jog for Hope at Taylor College..Actually we didn’t join any race on that week and last min decide to join it…Emmm, still think abt will have any attractive prizes to win…then XX and me decided to join 6km run and managed to get 1st place for both of us!!! The prizes that we won is a Taylor’s bottle, a worthy book and a vitamin… The thing that I’m not so satisfied with my result is I beat-up by a Indian junior girl who last 1 km managed to catch up me and on that time I give up to speed up and finally she get top 1 among the women category!!! Haizzz…..learned a lesson from here….should not give up until finish >.<

After this, the next race that we join is Standard Chartered which postponed from June to Sept!!! This time we joined Ekiden MSIG rally race which have 5ppls in a team and our team is Kakithon Global from XX (captain Ong), Chan, Chau, Liting and me..2gals + 3boys. Since like this time we have a strong competitors which is from Indian ppl and XX’s enemy … Although we get 4th placing, but I quite satisfied with the result and time that we achieved…maybe we can try in next year by practice and train more…Anyway, quite a good gathering with XX’s Uni friends….^-^

Here come the events on October, the race that we join is IJM Land Run at Seremban…Thought can have a meet with my ex-colleagues but we unable to meet up due to quite crowded on tat time…before the race start, I thought my chance to get top 3 is high but after that I saw a Mat Salleh and my chance to get No. 1 is gone but all the way, I was following her until during the time to climb up a very long hill…on that time, I ady dun have enough energy to follow anymore and also have a opportunity to catch up by a Chinese gal…Ishhh…I dun wan beat up by her, I try to follow her but after that I cannot ady (nt more energy joh) and others strong flers successful catch up me…Finally, I get No.4 and XX successful get top3..felt quite happy for his achievement and wat a lucky boy on that day, he also won a hamper from a lucky draw!!! From this race, I managed to get know more abt my category’s competitors and I hope that 1 day I able to follow them…^-^

19-20 Oct is a day full of a lot of races which we have BSN night run on 19th Oct and XX decided to join his 1st time half marathon in this year and he manage to get 11th placing and won RM50…the next day is Adidad KOTR , XX, Eric and me joined 10km run…at here, I would like to say a BIG “THANK YOU” to my lovey XX where he successful pace me to get my first TOP3 from a big event…I felt very thankful to him for sacrificed his own race to pace me, without him I think I will easily give up to catch up the ppl who cut off me during the race…I managed to get some Adidas vouchers, hampers, sunglasses, watch and others skin cares products…

One thing that I felt unhappy is where XX’s friend who are not so friendly to order us collect race kits for her and wanted us to pass the things to them earlierof the morning…and before the night of the race we went back quite late ard 1am just sleep and we wake up on 4am….Haizzz…and they never appreciated wat we have done to them somemore show us the angry face …dun know wat kind of ppl they are!!!
The coming week is we are going to have our vacation at Bangkok with XX, my mum, my colleagues…can said quite a wonderful trip that we have…maybe next time we can come again by two of us only!!!

After rest about 4-5 days, we try to train back our performance back to continue our racing journey…This time we joined Salomon X-Trail Run at MARDI, UPM…Thought this time will not have a lot of ppls join de, but don’t why quite lot of strong flers joining this race too maybe attracted by the Salomon products and the attractive prizes . Somemore on that day quite lot of big events run in the same day too… Haizz, finally XX and me just manage to get placing No.6 and the prizes just for Top5…Aiyaaa…. But quite worth to register this race, we get Salomon T-shirt, a porch and a special designed medal…

Penang Bridge International Marathon  can said is my first time to join half marathon…I’m taking this is to challenge myself and hope can perform back my performance during we join Eco-Challenge Run at UTM. Finally I’m successful get 13th placing with cash prize as my reward…This time can said I quite enjoy the race, I’m running non-stop and managed to applied some skills that XX trained me…This time can said half marathon is full of strong competitors where the Chinese gal from IJM oso joining half and she managed to get top10 and I hope one day I can be the same with them too…Although XX didnt get in to get top15 but I felt proud to him as he managed to get his PB to finish his 21km…this time can said quite tough for him as many strong flers oso join half too…

From this trip, I also learned to know some of my colleagues’ real face as some of the don’t know why suddenly ffk us and the last minute changes make us cannot handle it…Haizz, dun know wat they thinking abt and they never explain to us what is going on…But this trip can said it is a wonderful trip for me and very excited for my achievement..Hope that one day I manage to catch up the strong flers…

I also would like to have this opportunity to say “THANK YOU” to my coach…who train me very hard and I will try all my best to continue our running journey to have a great achievement for a better tomorrow!!!  Oh yeaaaaah…….

Friday, 30 August 2013

The experiences gained from failure

In June, we joined Mizuno Wave Run which we run 16km…doesn’t know is that my running skills of starting had made a big mistake with so fast…after run for 5km, I almost not so much energy to continue joh and all the ways was cut-in by others…Haizz, I give up joh liao…but I still keep my speed to finish it. Finally, I completed in 14th place with 1 hr 25 mins… XX have a quite good result which in 7th places with Mizuno voucher, he redeem it to have a Mizuno running shoe for me n a pair of hiking short pants for both of us. hehehe…^-^

The coming race on 2nd week of June is to challenge my last year result~ Penang Hill Climbathon…hermm, I put a quite high expectation to get 1st place this year. On that day, we can see quite lot of ppls join to challenge the famous hill at Penang and we can see that XX’s challenger (2 years champion) and my challenger (last year challenger) also didn’t miss out this race. Actually I felt quite stress on that time but I also have a quite high level of confidence because after have 1 year running experiences with some climbing skills at GH… Starting we run for almost 2km and I’m in 1st place with I try to keep some distance with the ppls at behind which can help me a lots for keep in current placing. When start to climb up the hill, at first I try to keep my speed all the time but still have an opportunity chase up by a few strong competitors. Finally I completed in 1st place on Women Open category and XX in his 3rd place which is the same champion from previous year and 2nd place by last year 3rd place. he felt quite disappointed with his this year result and I tried to calm him down too. Haizz, from this I can say that there still have a large space for both of us to improve… even though I successful challenged my last year result with 1 hr 05 mins in 1st place but I’m a 4th women who reached the finished line, I beaten by a junior who is a challenger for me as she just started join race in 1 year experience and 2 senior women whom are have quite lot of experiences in climbing. Sometime, I also wonder why they are so strong and why can’t us same like them… Maybe both of us need to put more effort on it!!!

Kenny Roger Chicken Run which this year is at Sunway Lagoon with more expensive registration fees RM 60 per pax compare with last year RM38 at Desa Water Park.  To join this race, I’m willing to sacrifice the opportunity at Centro run where I registered first before this run official announced and i also give up an opportunity to attend Jenny, one of my ex-colleague wedding dinner at Ipoh. I’m set a quite high expectation to get 1st place as the prizes is have a trip to Langkawi. Maybe sometime we can set our expectation too high if not you will fall down and get injured. On that day, the haze at KL also is a challenge for the runners as we will have breathing problem. after fetch XX to Klang join Centro Run, I drive car by myself to Sunway and the India strong flers also joining this race…OMG, on that time I know my opportunity is lower liao and I tried to calm myself to do all my best to finish the race. Haizz, who know that a small mistake on that time can have a big impact to me which I started with Men category and had been disqualified…Actually last year also having a same problem to this event too, I think the organizer should control good the situation and they should not allow others gender to start together, that is not fair to others. Somemore this time, the organizer received a few complaints from the winner which they claimed that 1 of women who also started earlier with Men category and she get top3 they are urged with the organizer to disqualified her and finally they didn’t have any proof to do that.  from this lesson, I have learned that everything must listen clearly and do not follow others only.

July is my birthday month and I have a quite high expectation on this month after experienced from previously. Anyway, the luck is not always with us…

The only race on July is Salomon S-Lab Jamboree Trail Run at Kuala Selangor. Earlier in the morning, we depart from Eric’s house (KL) to K. Selangor which took us ard 1 1/2 hours to reach the running venue. On that day, can said that due to quite lot of races on a same day therefore will not have so much competitor…but there are opposite situation for XX, we can see that most of the racers are attracted by the attractive prizes from Salomon and after listen an advised from XX’s friend, XX changes his mind to change his Men open categorize to International. OMG…quite a tense moments for 3 of us, because on that time they are almost wanted to start the race and we still waiting for the organizer to transfer his category…Fuhhh, luckily she allowed XX to change it….haha 

On that time, I have a quite high expectation that I can get top 3…since didn’t have so much strong competitor in my category…who know that god got people, I did a mistake with wearing a wrong shoe, wrong stocking and a bad organizer to organize this kind of race. All of us run a wrong route for about 35min n wasted our energy with a bad route…my condition is not so good on that time and cannot chase back to my previous position and blocking by others also is the challenging part for me to chase back…I almost wanted to give up joh…Haiz, like XX said my capability and ability also cannot say so stable yet so I almost exhausted with almost have 1 hours 35 min…around 15km compared from previous the distance is set 11km.

Luckily, XX won in 1st place with his ability and capability… he get a trophy and a voucher worth RM500 and this year didn’t have any travel trip to us de….we have been cheated joh. Haizz…I hope that the organizer can realize their bad wrong mistakes and gained the experiences even most of the runners are complaints about their bad organize.

After this, there are didn’t  have any race for us…Actually can said that we are quite lazy to join due to also is Hari Raya period and we also can take this opportunity train hard-hard…

During the 1st day of Raya, XX, me and my colleagues are decided to climb the famous hill~ Broga. We can’t imagining that although is public holiday, also will have a lot of peoples especially student come and climb the hill and make the very clouded and there is a difficult part for us to take care so that will not fall down or get injury. Maybe that day the luck is not with us, finally we didn’t get to the top and also cannot see sunrise. Due to the crowded people, we decided went down before the route start jam and have our luxury breakfast at Semenyih…Before going back my hometown, we went to shopping to redeem our Salomon voucher and finally we get our couple leisure shoes after that we wait for my mum n sis finished their shopping day at Sg Wang then we went back to enjoy our Raya holiday at Temerloh…^0^

The next hill that we would like to conquer is Ah Pak San which is near 55’s house. Last time, due to we have a friend having some problem to climb the hill therefore it take us quite a couple time to reach there. This time we also having some problem to have a friend having some physical difficult problem to climb up….and finally in the half way we decided to give up continue our trip and get down joh.

These kind of climbing experiences give us a lot of physical challenges and we also can make it as our training too…After that, XX n I went to shopping at Time Square and spend a lot at there until blaming by XX …>_< 

Our kl trip continue by we went to Metropolitan park to have our evening training, there really a good place for us to run...the environment very good, somemore there have a special route for running which is take care our feet...Totally we have run 2 rounds there and as an encouragement we decided to go SS2 to enjoy favorite fruit~ durian....hehehe

The next coming race is on Sept and we are making our preparation to challenge our night run~12km…hopethat all the best is coming on this month and we are ready for it…^-^  

Oh yaa, would like to special thanks to XX for celebrating my birthday with a special dinner at a special environment athough I blaming that you doesn't have a romantic situation but I feel very satisfied and happy because you're always with you...

You have 1 more thing that i doesn't satisfied is your attitude...always angry and muka hitam with a small matter and you're too focus on your hp too. I hope that you will notice this msg and try to change it...