Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Targets and Achievement in 2014

In a New Year, hope that a new improvement and some achievement can be achieve by both of us… the first race that we joined in 2014 is MPIB Run, XX run 12km and me 7km. Luckily I choose the right categorize as the distance and competitors not so strong…12km women open are very competitive and not easy to beat down. There is some conflict when XX run 12k where they run the wrong route luckily they able to track back the result and XX get 4th placing and me also same with him. The day before race, I think i have food poisoning with cirit-birit and vomit, very suffering..I thought I unable to run luckily my condition recover quite fast...

After a long rest of CNY, we joined SMK TTJ Charity Run at Seremban. Although this is a small event and mostly is student, but we can see that there still have Kenyans join this run too and my competitor for PUMA challenge also joining. As I told myself will not give up easily to beat down  them, although the process of the run are quite difficult and I’m able to beat down them and feel happy with my achievement. The route for this race is 10km with a lot of hills, quite a challenge for me…I managed to get 2nd placing with 53min39sec and the 1st placing is Kenyan girl. XX also managed to get 5th placing with his category are quite competitive and have 3 Kenyans and country representative also joining. 

With the hot and not raining session, Malaysia are having haze problem. Malaysia Women Marathon held at Shah Alam also having a problem of haze and air pollution issue almost cause the event postponed. But the organizer decided run the event and become to non-competitor run. Since the event changed to non-competitor, XX decided run together with me as a warm-up and training session. But the arrangement for the route and direction for this race are very bad, although this is not the competition and we run leisurely but we almost get lost. We ran for almost 1hour and very frustrated with their arrangement. I think I will not join this race for this coming year…very bad!!

The 3rd race that we joined is Thirsty Water Run together with my passionate colleague, Eric. In this race, I met again with one of my competitor in PUMA challenge. I’m feel sad for my result and I beat down by her…I get 3rd placing with 31min27sec and XX get 2nd placing with 25min20sec. Maybe this time I put myself too high and didn’t train hard…very sad!!! After heard some advice from my lovely coach, I decided to train harder and do not look down anyone of the competitor so easily. Hope that we can meet again in the next race….The prizes for this race are quite worth, as they get sponsored by Tupperware and quite a lot of free gift and contest from them…  

This year, we decided to join some race that we never join before. One of the races is Kenaboi Adventure Race which is mix category. Actually, I feel quite scare as I never join the race like this before and this is my first time partner with XX. I know that some argument might happen between us. From this race, we learned that we need to support and encourage each other from time to time. Wow, this race really full of challenges…on the half way, I already wanted to give up as my energy and mental really exhausted on that time. Luckily, XX encourage me all the time and support me. Sometime, I felt so sorry to my partner as I made our team out of top10 position. But this is a very good experience to both of us and we never experiences before and I already scare with this kind of race which we need to run 22km with a lot of obstacles and challenges even need to go inside the jungle, cross over the yellow mud and caving. Because of the whole day raining, our plan to play water tubing had to cancel and makes us have regret for this race. Finally, we completed the race in 20th placing with 3hrs 35min…Wah, wat a tired day for us….>~<

Maybe the day before the Kenaboi Adventure Race, we joined the Kenaboi Trail Fun Run n which they said is around 10km but actually we found out that there is about 14km. Wow, my energy almost exhausted because of this trail run but I quite enjoy it...At first, just XX plan to join this trail run but after persuaded by XX, I decided to join too as we saw that the next day race also get a lot of strong  competitors and maybe this time is a chance of us too...Finally, I get 1st placing with just have around 6-7 women only but for XX’s category there are alots of army and army’s student join too, quite challenge and difficult for him to beat down them and finally he get 7th placing where there are 90% is trail and 10% is normal road. Quite a scary route where mostly I run alone inside the jungle with less of marshal and less of direction guide.  Seem like they still need some improvement on their arrangement and more marshal. Overall, quite a good race in a peace small town…^-^

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